Making Tough Choices as a Boss. Part 1 of 2
Power for Managers / July 27, 2020

In the last post, you tried to get money for the new project only to find yourself outmaneuvered and forced to find half of it within your existing budget. That is, you must take money from your other two units to give to Mike. You are faced with tough choices.

Building Respect in Your New Management Position
Manager Stream , Power for Managers / April 27, 2020

Building Respect in Your New Management Position If life were fair, or even just convenient, people should automatically respect you simply because of your new elevated position. But if you’re waiting for that to kick in, I’d hunker down for a long one. In your previous jobs, you know that you had to earn your boss’ trust and respect. Same in a management position. But now you’ve got three groups to worry about. Below is a non-exhaustive list of how to earn respect from each group.   Your boss. Much of what you learned as a stellar employee will apply here.   How to get respect What that actually means What it does not mean Deliver on promises ·     Meet deadlines ·     Inform will miss deadline as soon as you know ·     Meet quality standards ·     Overpromise ·     Pull fast ones to appear  to meet the deadline Have your boss’ back ·     Inform boss if/when the s. is going to hit the fan ·     Position him to look good ·     Defend his interests when he’s absent ·     Bad-mouth him behind his back ·     Disagree with him in public   Manage your own area well ·     Deal with people problems effectively…