Making Tough Choices as a Boss. Part 1 of 2
Power for Managers / July 27, 2020

In the last post, you tried to get money for the new project only to find yourself outmaneuvered and forced to find half of it within your existing budget. That is, you must take money from your other two units to give to Mike. You are faced with tough choices.

Making a Decision with Power Undercurrents at Work

Making a Decision with Power Undercurrents at Work In the previous post, knowing that the upcoming budget meeting was going to be contentious, you prepared for it by working through how to deal with any issues which might be raised. This recognizes the undercurrent of keeping or increasing power which is underlying the decision. Just as a reminder: YOU are Galen, Alicia is your boss, and Dante and Marguerite are your peer managers. Working with undercurrents in making the decision Let’s run through how the meeting might go and how YOU can apply your prep to the situation. Alicia: Okay, next item: funding Galen’s project.   You: Just before we start, could I review what my team has come to understand are the real benefits of this project for the company? (And then outline them). Take charge by using some of your prep work Alicia: So how much do you think you’ll need?   You: About 500K.   Dante:  Wow, that’s a lot! They are going to say that no matter what You: About half is for software development, and about (outline breakdown of costs). Bolster the feeling that you have a handle on this although expect some picking at…