All about me

April 29, 2016

All About Me

I have long been fascinated by what I call the Dark Side—the undercurrents of power, lying, groupthink, and others—which are present in all organizations but are rarely acknowledged or even recognized.

I worked for many years in a large corporation and then for twenty years consulted with large corporations. In all this time, I saw where the favorite and not the best person got the promotion; where you knew enough to keep your mouth shut even if you disagreed with what was going on; where a great new strategic direction, often critical to the company’s survival, was announced only to die a quiet death.

In all of these, I believe the Dark Side of Work is operating and I felt it was worth a blog not just to identify when the Dark Side kicked in but how ordinary people can manage these undercurrents.

My credentials

  • worked many years in and with corporations as an executive

Please join me in exploring The Dark Side of Work and feel free to  use the “contact page” for  any questions, comments, or suggestions.

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