What Is The Dark Side of Work?

May 27, 2015

There are strange things going on in organizations, undercurrents which nobody talks about but which affect how and what happens. Ever find that something at work didn’t play out the way you had expected? Or been blindsided by something out of the blue? A colleague gets the promotion you thought you had in the bag. Your boss who used to like your work is now constantly nitpicking. A re-organization is announced and your job may be in jeopardy. The list is endless.

Sometimes these surprises really are unforeseeable, but many times, they are due to undercurrents whose very existence is often undetected. Undercurrents are those forces, most unspoken, often hidden, which can shape your career in unexpected ways. The five I’ve chosen to concentrate on are:
• Power
• Groupthink
• Lying
• The need for harmony
• Being yourself at work

The blog will address each of these undercurrents and suggest how you can manage them to increase your chances of career success as well as of a satisfying work life. I’ll do this largely by putting you in a situation which presents you with a dilemma and exploring options you might pursue with their upsides and down.

Why you should read this blog
You can learn how to deal with work’s undercurrents in a way that suits your values. Being able to navigate the undercurrents in your company and even to change them, will allow you to ride them to success while still being who you really are at work.

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