Introduction to the Dark Side

November 7, 2017

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you`ve been blind-sided? That is, something has happened at work, often to your detriment, and you didn’t see it coming. Might be that you expect to get the promotion and it went to another guy, much less able than you. Might be that you were telling like it is and find yourself on the outs with the rest of the team. Or even find yourself going along with a group decision even though you know it’s wrong.

These are examples of what I call the Dark Side—those unseen, usually unspoken, and often unconscious undercurrents in organizations which are much more powerful than people usually recognize. They influence the shape of events and of your career much more than anyone would expect and unless you are aware of them, you can be towed under by them.

To introduce you to the phenomenon, I suggest you read the following three posts.

The Dark Side of Work Revealed

What are the Undercurrents of the Dark Side?

Does your company have undercurrents?

Once you’ve done that, you can choose whether to follow the Employee Stream on the Dark Side or the Managers Stream on the Dark Side. The next pages will explain what they are.

Why follow this blog?

This blog will help you to identify the undercurrents at work and how they can affect your success. Once you recognize them, you can navigate among them—usually flowing with the tide but sometimes, if necessary, deciding to swim against it.


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